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Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) is a nationwide charitable organization that receives its total income from private donations. ICRF was founded in 1975 by a group of American and Canadian researchers, oncologists, and lay people determined to harness Israel's educational and scientific resources in the fight against cancer. Its initial purpose was to stem the "brain drain" of Israeli researchers by providing funds for postdoctoral fellowships for young Ph.D.'s. ICRF is the only U.S.-based charity solely devoted to supporting cancer research in Israel. Since its inception, ICRF has provided more than $64 million to support innovative studies by Israeli scientists. Our awardees are selected through a rigorous peer-review process that is conducted by a world-class scientific panel. We support individuals at all of the major research institutions in Israel. ICRF-funded researchers have been making significant progress and have been able to develop improved chemotherapies, advanced techniques in bone marrow transplantation, and an enhanced understanding of tumor suppressor genes. By continuing to support cancer research in Israel for the benefit of all mankind, the ICRF: makes it possible for scientists to utilize Israel's unique population of diverse ethnic groups which afford unequalled opportunities to study genetic and environmental data that contribute to cancer; places a strong emphasis on young scientists pioneering in new directions with fresh approaches to areas of research that have challenged the experts; respects and draws upon Israel's unparalleled convergence of some of the finest scientists and physicians in the free world - a resource that must not be lured to conduct research outside Israel.

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