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JOHN PASCHAL, a California native, was introduced to the entertainment industry from an early age when his mother used to sit in front of Elvis Presley’s house in hope’s of being invited in(it happened once). John’s early interest in photography started at 13 years old when he would attend the “Sonny and Cher Show” at CBS and befriended a still photographer working at the studio. He would hang around taking it all in until one day at the age of 16 he got his first paying gig. From there he became a 15 year struggling over night success when he was brought in to do still photography for soap operas, “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless”. In just a few short years John was doing unit and portrait photography for every daytime show on the air. His career grew from there as he launched JPI Studios in 1997 and opened up his first Photography Studio in West Hollywood. He has had a home in Palm Springs since 2000 and has a been full time resident since 2009. He is proud to have opened Snapshot Palm Springs in 2012.

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Contact Name John Paschal Owner - (760) 537-0064 -


4575 E. Camino Parocela
Palm Springs, CA


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  • 4000 sf. Indoor facility
  • 2620 sf. natural daylight studio with roll up division
  • 1400 sf. south half 1220 sf. north half
  • 16’wall Cyc
  • separate hair/makeup room
  • private bathroom with shower
  • conference / production room
  • kitchen
  • onsite parking
  • 17,000 sf. private outdoor event / production space
  • 10 ton truck accessible
  • high speed internet & fax
  • mp3 hook up
  • 2 minutes from airport
  • covered outdoor lounge
  • available as production base camp
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