10 Ways to Reach Your
Fundraising Goals

The development world continues to evolve in 2017, as ministries and non-profits have more creative ways than ever to increase their donations. At ClearGIVE, we believe in providing our partners the tools to help them succeed.

Check out these strategies from our team and if you're ready to start using them, click the link below to schedule a demo today!

1. Focus on individuals …

Times are changing politically, but that has not affected overall giving. The Philanthropy Outlook 2016 & 2017 predicts increases in individual and household income could raise fundraising efforts by as much as 3.8% this yearSo stay aggressive! Whether it’s planning big events or examining your retention strategy, now is the time.

2. … And don’t forget businesses

Philanthropy Outlook also forecasts a rise in corporate giving by as much as 4.7% in 2017. As the health of businesses increase, they will be more inclined to give. Stay in touch with your Chamber of Commerce to see which new businesses are coming to your area. Maintain contact with local business leaders. And always be on the lookout to gain corporate gift matches.  

3. Make mobile giving a priority

In 2015, the Pew Research Center found that 86 percent of people age 18-29 have a smartphone, and 83 percent of ages 30-49 have one. Those numbers are growing every year. To neglect a mobile strategy at this point is to close off a tremendous source of donations that will continue to expand. If your organization doesn’t already, it’s time to understand all the options mobile giving provides.

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