Welcome! We're a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping 501c3 non-profits obtain funding to sustain their organizations. We also provide many other services to help your organization reach it's goals and mission. About Us: 501cUS.org is dedicated to helping Nonprofits succeed by collaboration, innovation, and consultation. Here's how we can help: • Assign trained grant writers to write grant proposals. • Recommend potential grant giving donors. • Help communities organize non profits to connect with each other. • Offer ideas to help your organization become self sustaining. Please inquire today about how you can become a part of our growing membership. We are always looking for community-based leaders and volunteers as well. To learn more, call (310) 430-2522, or email info@501csUSA.org Our Mission: “Helping 501c3's in the United States Reach their Mission and Goals” Make a difference, Become a 501cUSA.org Community Leader or become a volunteer today!

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Contact Name Terence Davis (310) 430-2522 - terence@501cusa.org


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Palm Desert, CA


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