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This non-profit is uniquely working with normally, overlooked Autistic and Special Needs children and adults in the Coachella Valley. In Palm Desert, we have been gifted with a 14,000 square foot building, where we will be providing "Music and Motion Therapy" to accomplish, according to our Medical Board, life changing modifications in the socialization and communication skills of: Autistic, bipolar, down-syndrome, cerebral palsy and other "Special Needs" children and adults . Our therapy will include: ballroom dancing, voice training, basic movement, musical instruments, band and performing on stage in musical and drama productions. The gifted children with Aspersers Syndrome will have special instruction in math, science and the arts . In other parts of our country, they are experimenting in some of the aspects of our program, but it is not as comprehensive as our programs. Professionals in this field of endeavor: pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists and special needs teachers, indicate our therapy program will soon go nationwide ! We currently have a 16 member team composed of: medical staff, music, voice, band and dance. We are looking for both volunteers and interns with backgrounds in related fields to help us in our efforts. The modifications to the building will be completed and we are looking to be open by the summer of 2017.

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Contact Name Bob Horn, President - (760) 413-3593 -


73500 Red Circle
Palm Desert, CA


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