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Custom labeled bottled water is a unique and effective way to help promote your business and personalize your events. The American Special Angel Program has bottled, hand-labeled, packaged, and delivered private-sourced pure mountain spring water to hundreds of businesses and events throughout the country for over two decades. Our custom labels and bottles are 100% engineered and manufactured in the USA, and our private spring, located in San Diego, CA, is rated in the top 1% of all USA water sources. When you purchase a custom labeled water bottle from djASAP, you make the world a better place. High quality custom labeled bottled water, tailored to your specific needs, will not only leave an impact on your clients and guests, but on your community as well. DjASAP has helped to employ thousands of individuals who struggle with developmental or physical disabilities. Our incredible team of Special Angels are coached to perform every facet of our process; printing and hand-applying labels, quality control, inventory management, shipping, and everything in between. With every bottle you purchase, you help to support these very special members of your community. Products and Labels Pure Mountain Spring Water Every bottle you purchase contains crisp, pure mountain water drawn from our private spring, 5,000 feet above sea level, in sunny San Diego, California. Our beautiful spring water is inspected for quality and purity bi-weekly and rated in the top 1% of all water sources throughout the entire US. Water is drawn from the spring for bottling twice a week to ensure that you are always getting the freshest possible bottled water. You’d be hard-pressed to find fresher, better-tasting water anywhere! Bottles and Custom Labels Our plastic bottles and high-gloss labels are 100% engineered and manufactured within the USA. Your custom design will be printed on high-quality plastisol-based labels that are moisture resistant and won’t peel off due to condensation or when placed in an icebox. Our team of designers will work with you to create the perfect label for your business or event! Once you are happy with your label, our team of Special Angels will hand-apply your labels to our freshly bottled water and ship the order out to you, where your clients and guests can enjoy a refreshing drink while supporting an amazing cause! David Johnson Owner and Visionary

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  • Our labels, made specifically for your company and/or event can be utilized for:
  • private events and fundraisers
  • corporate marketing and event promotions
  • restaurant customers
  • hotel and resort chains
  • convention center events and clients
  • retail and "for profit" sales
  • public and private schools
  • golf courses and country clubs
  • sports teams and tournaments
  • .... and many more other uses too numerous to list.
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