FastFund Nonprofit Accounting Software FastFund Online Nonprofit Accounting Software is a true nonprofit fund accounting software system that meets the specialized requirements of nonprofit organizations. FastFund Nonprofit Accounting is the heart of the FastFund cloud-computing software system that seamlessly integrates with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Allocations, Fundraising and Payroll. Its single database structure eliminates the multiple data files for the companies and individuals you do business with, improves productivity and reduces data entry time and errors. You will save time and money generating the reports you need for internal and external reporting and be better prepared for audits. FastFund fund accounting software is not a software purchase; it is an investment in the future well being of your organization.

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  • Save time and money generating FASB 117 compliant reports.
  • Guarantees Accountability to funding sources.
  • Eliminate the need to generate reports using spreadsheets, reducing errors.
  • Reduce Audit Fees and Maintain Proper Controls with nonprofit accounting software.
  • Eliminate Steep Learning Curve and get up and running fast.