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The Social Media Management Firm That's Giving Small Business A Big Voice We're Content Strategist Who Connect Consumers To Your Brand Every day online, your customers have access to valuable information that affects the way they consider and purchase your products. Your key to engaging with them is an integrated marketing strategy that leverages the relevant content you create to bridge earned, paid and branded properties. Our Core Principles: Publish The networked distribution of content is forcing brands to embrace their role as publishers and actively facilitate the flow of content across communities of interest. Flexible open source content management systems are the cornerstone of a strategic publishing plan. Engage Content-driven brands help customers form an opinion by offering timely, relevant information through a mix of branded properties and third party websites, and by delivering shareable experiences that encourage social behaviors and prompt action. Connect Brands must produce a consistent stream of relevant communication across channels to build and maintain enduring customer relationships and to bridge contributions from community advocates with content from technical experts. Understand Metrics are meaningless unless they tie to a key business objective. Brands must have clear KPIs and understand which communities are the most accessible and important to interact with to achieve the customer outcomes they desire. To ensure a strong return on investment, content must be tested, analyzed and optimized continuously.

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