BenefitEvents provides custom online auction fundraising software and consulting services to nonprofit organizations. Our services help to expand and administer traditional live Gala events, as well as to produce and manage online only events of any size, duration or frequency. Our online software integrates with the leading offline event management software programs to provide our clients a seamless exchange of information between online bidding and registration opportunities and the software tools essential for managing a traditional live Gala. We consult with you to determine the most effective strategy for integrating online fundraising into your development initiatives. Because our services are hands-on, we are able to address any auction scenario you envision. A wealth of experience with nonprofits in all sectors means that we can share with you many examples of how different organizations have approached their online fundraising efforts. We will help you choose the best strategies for maximizing the marketing, promotion and development opportunities of an online auction, which are as important and valuable as the money earned from the auction. Online events are a powerful and economical way to engage your community and develop new supporters. We don't aspire to replace a live event, but we do aspire to make it more effective and easier to manage. The ability to catalog items, register bidders, accept pre or final bids, and administer your event with simple to use online tools, means a smooth running event and enthusiastic participants. We have attempted to answer as many questions as possible online. Please read the FAQ page, browse and bid the Demo Auction. For a comprehensive overview of online auction scenarios, download the PDF document, Online Auction Overview. We are proud of our ability to provide unique solutions to any event scenario, so please contact us for an in-depth review of your plans or desire to include online auction bidding and registration opportunities in your next event, or to create a new event, or series of events, online. Thank you,

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