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OUR MISSION BIGHORN Behind A Miracle is dedicated to providing critical funding needed to help in the diagnosis, treatment, research, services and education for those affected by breast cancer. Over the past seven years BIGHORN BAM has provided the following for early breast cancer detection, diagnosis and screening: $3.87 million to Eisenhower Medical Center for key equipment and services including 7,500 round trip transportation rides for radiation & chemotherapy patients who depend on public transportation. BIGHORN BAM Procedure Suite including a Giotto Mammography, a combination mammography and biopsy system, and Corevision Tabletop Specimen Radiograph. This suite allows patients to receive excellent care all in one location. SIEMENS ACUSION S2000 Whole Breast 3D Ultrasound System. 5 new Mammogram Systems, CESM System, 3 Super Sonic Imagine Aixplorer Ultrasound Systems and a Digitizer to convert X-ray films into digitized images for higher magnification studies. Invivo Breast Array Coil and SonoSite Portable Ultrasound Machine for advanced breast imaging. Specialized Suro ATEC Breast Biopsy and Excision System – modifies existing MRI to perform breast imaging/biopsy. CD burner for mammography images given to patients seeing multiple doctors. 3 Breast Boards and Head Supports for exacting radiation and comfortable patient positioning. 100 Comforting Spa Robes and a Blanket Warmer for patients awaiting radiation treatment. 2 Digital Faxitron: rapid breast tumor specimen X-ray/analyzer during surgical excision or core biopsy procedures. Bone Densomiter allowing patients to have their mammogram and bone density test during the same appointment. Gamma Probe for sentinel lymph node localization for rapid detection of metastatic breast cancer. Breast Cancer Patient Diagnosis Resource Kits and Patient Genetic Counseling services. $270,000 given to the Pendleton Foundation to assist cancer patients’ most basic needs. $10,000 Educational Scholarships supporting families affected by cancer.

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