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Burke Rix Communications is a Coachella Valley based firm specializing in public affairs advocacy, public relations, political campaigns and fundraising, community outreach and event management. Founded by Bob Burke and Brian Rix, BRC offers a unique blend of over 50+ years of industry experience working with local governments, private industry and non-profits. We focus on communicating the right messages to help you shape the desired public policy or opinion. Our wide range of expertise and experience in so many fields gives us the ability to assist our clients with every aspect of their project. Based out of Palm Springs and with offices in Los Angeles, BRC understands the needs and demands of markets both large and small. Our close long-term relationships with Senators, members of Congress, Governors, heads of Federal and State Agencies, and local elected leaders demonstrate our excellent standing in the community and ability to get the job done.

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Contact Name Brian Rix, Partner - brian@burkerix.com (760) 327-9708


431 South Palm Canyon Drive Suite 206
Palm Springs, CA


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  • Marketing
  • At Burke Rix Communications, we know how to make ideas come alive. Our team of marketing experts can help you take your corporate message to the next level. Business growth and expansion is our passion. If you need to launch a new product, service or idea, expand into a new geographic setting or simply reinvent yourself – our team can get the job done.
  • Below is a list of the marketing and communication services we offer:
  • • Corporate Branding
  • • Strategic Planning
  • • Corporate Sponsorship and Fundraising
  • • Graphic Design and Logo Creation
  • • Collateral Material Development
  • • Website Design & Project Management
  • • Event Promotion
  • • Advertising Campaign Strategies
  • • And More...