California Community of Men


The California Community of Men is a unique community of heart-centered, passionate and caring men, 18-90+ of all colors of the rainbow, faith traditions, sizes, shapes & abilities, who create spiritual & social events, personal growth workshops, and our unique, joy-filled weekends we call "Community Camp," without formal committees, officers or bylaws. Our goal is to build a radically diverse & inclusive community of men-who-love-men, the likes of which is rarely seen in Southern California. We align ourselves with some of the values, beliefs and consciousness of the Northern California-based Billys, and the global Radical Faeries. CalComMen is the only mens community in SoCal that reachs out to, and warmly welcomes ALL men-who-love-men (gay, bi, trans, queer, cis & straight). We are also the only mens community that is drug, alcohol, smoke and electronics-free, so that we can connect and engage in new and more meaningful ways, with far fewer distractions.

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Contact Name Barry Schonfeld, President - (323) 314-5420 -


333 E. Molino Road
Palm Springs, CA


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