Cause Consulting


We are a business strategy firm that integrates corporate citizenship, business and marketing disciplines to create new value for companies, brands, and society. Our team of seasoned strategists has deep experience working on the full-spectrum of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and cause-related issues, including environmental sustainability, community involvement, governance, transparency, among others. We take a brand approach and believe that best-in-class companies must embed corporate citizenship/CSR into their cultures, products, experiences and communications. We are relationship driven and are trusted partners and members of our clients’ internal teams. We help people think differently, solve problems, and develop new and innovative ideas.

Additional Information

Contact Name Mark Feldman, Principal + Managing Director



  • No matter where a company is on its CSR journey, we partner with senior executives to architect global strategies tailored to their specific challenges, assets, and culture. Guided by our proven processes, we integrate the disciplines of environmental sustainability, corporate philanthropy, employee practices, product innovation, supply chain, and governance, among others.
  • Master CSR platforms and vision
  • Integrated CSR strategy and planning
  • CSR business case
  • Governance structures
  • Global CSR program audits
  • CSR Dashboards
  • Goals and KPI’s
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Executive education
  • Best-practices benchmarking
  • Risk analysis
  • Third-party rating response
  • Partner identification and management
  • Product innovation