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Where Causes, Consumers and Businesses work together to make a greater impact Our Mission, Products And Culture Empower Socially Responsible Consumers And Businesses To Make A Difference Fifteen years ago, our founders met while volunteering for a non-profit that provided emergency foster care to children. They became fast friends and began working together on a variety of projects. In 2013, they starting talking about doing a business together that could have an impact and to test their ideas, they cobbled together a prototype web site. The responses they received and the research they did was revealing. Since 2008, most causes and businesses were struggling through the recovery and looking for new ways to work together. Businesses wanted to restore their credibility and non-profits were just fighting to stay afloat. So they launched the company and committed to a “double bottom line” goal: do good for worthwhile causes and do well for shareholders. Our society was changing quickly and becoming much more socially responsible so the vision grew – and the solution became more than just a website. They realized that to have significant impact, they needed a ‘network’. More people were giving back in their everyday lives, so making that easy and expanding their options seemed like the right way to go. Today, CauseNetwork has three goals: Make fundraising easier and better for all worthwhile Causes – and do it for free Give every Supporter multiple ways to have impact – even when they can’t write a check Make it worthwhile for businesses to advertise and be a sponsor so they can support every Cause and customer. Today, the CauseNetwork platform offers lots of ways to generate donations. Every Cause can increase their funding, every Supporter can find a way to help and every business can work build their brand and relationships in ways that improve the world and their bottom line. We’re grateful for all those who have joined and look forward to expanding our solution even more in the coming year. If you’d like to become part of CauseNetwork as a Cause, a Supporters or a Business advertisers and sponsor, send us a note at

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