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Our Mission CCD Foundation is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) charitable organization established to rally the general public with vital informational resources about Cancer and Diabetes Disease. CCD Foundation Fundraiser Events 5K Run-Walks 5K Run-Walks In Colors Cancer / Diabetes Seminars Career Day Planning Seminars - With Employers/Sponsors on Location Comedy Entertainment Concert Entertainment Our primary objective is to provide information resources to the general public by event assembly, mail, internet and television. Our work will illuminate the importance of knowing healthy life styles, signs and symptoms for early detection of cancer and diabetes, screening and testing for innovative treatment of cancer and diabetes. CCD Foundation will provide information on sound recordings for audible listeners and print copy for visual display banners and posters. Methods We believe our work will improve and preserve the quality of life, for families currently lacking up to date information about Cancer and Diabetes because of illiteracy challenges. According to The National Institute for Literacy, US Census Bureau, approximately 50% of Americans read so poorly, that they are unable to perform simple tasks such as reading prescription drugs labels. That means 50% of Americans do not have access to vital cancer and diabetes information because of illiteracy, and the inability to research the internet. Our plan seeks to provide information to all people. To accomplish this goal, CCD Foundation will provide informational resources, both visually and audibly, for maximum comprehension and understanding for all people. What we know medically about cancer and diabetes disease empowers all people with up to date information from the National Cancer Institute and the American Diabetes Association. The illiterate can now learn to preserve life, with healthy life style practices to prevent Cancer and Diabetes. Education about early signs and symptoms, testing for early detection and innovative treatment can preserve life and in some cases, the information could be the difference between life and death. Evaluation We will know our project is successful when the public is fully educated about Cancer and Diabetes early signs and symptoms, testing for early detection and innovative treatment available to the general public.

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