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Tired of sitting through another boring auction? We have the cure. April Brown and Michelle Westford are trained professional charity auctioneers with over 25 years experience conducting auctions from coast to coast. They are personable, entertaining and skilled fundraising dynamos. Nobody does it better. “Our clients want a fast paced, engaging and profitable auction and they want to have fun. We help their vision come alive with our expert guidance in advance and skilled auctioneering and entertaining on the night of the auction. We are simply the best at what we do.” From initial consultation to auction event planning, let the experts at Charity Auction World support and guide you! We are here for you. Let us help you transform the predictable and dry event into a jumpin and jivin must-be-at affair. We know all the new and engaging money making ideas that increase participation and win new supporters. Why? Because we invented them! Do you want your guests to stay? We know how to keep them in their seats playing the auction game. Do you want guests to have more fun? We know what makes them laugh and cry and bid and buy. Do you want to set a record during the Paddle Raise? We know how to entice every single guest to make that gift and pledge . So let’s get real. Stop complaining about disappointing results. Call or email today and let’s schedule a time to talk. We can help you raise more money than you ever dreamed possible. "The best fundraising decision I ever made was hiring April Brown & Michelle Westford for our annual benefit auction gala. It was a bit more expensive than the auctioneers we’ve used, but the financial result was over the top! This was the first time we have ever worked with a team of professionals that included a master of ceremonies and a catalog reader. They enticed our audience to spend $129,000 more than last year! WOW! It was a record night!"

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