ears4me began as the joint effort of two people, connected by one who had profound hearing loss, and one who solved the problem. We are developing a program to attend to those who are only able to get medical help from free medical and dental clinics. Fred McClory - Co-Founder, is now retired from business along with the art/craft world. He is now devoting all of his energies to help those less fortunate. His story is what prompted this endeavor. Danette Baker, AuD - Co-Founder, is a Doctor of Audiology who specializes in Cochlear Implants. She joins Fred in the desire to help those who are less fortunate find a path to better hearing. It is her effort and knowledge that has made this work come to fruition. Doctor Baker writes: Our purpose is to introduce simple amplification to those identified with hearing difficulties, through our screening process. Many of the individuals we see do not have access to insurance due to financial status. However, some of the people we screen may be potential Medicaid recipients. By providing simple amplification to these individuals, our hope is that they will be encouraged to see an Audiologist for a complete hearing evaluation and if needed, obtain technology through the Medicaid system that is tailored to their individual hearing loss. Our dream is that NO HUMAN BEING with hearing difficulties will be excluded from hearing the world around them, including family and friends, because of the lack of ability to pay!

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Contact Name Fred McClory, CEO Co-Founder - Fred@Ears4Me.org


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