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In 2006, land developers in the Coachella Valley recognized an increase in value when properties were in close proximity to paved paths. LeGrand Velez was recruited to establish the nonprofit Coachella Valley Community Trails Alliance with a mission of promoting an off-street trail from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea Car Free. CVCTA encouraged all Coachella Valley cities to address bicycle issues in the Circulation Element of their General Plan and strongly promoted the idea of a paved path along the Whitewater River, locally known as a flood control “wash”, that runs through the Coachella Valley. In 2010, the entire Coachella Valley non-motorized transportation plan was completed. Because of the many golf courses in the valley, local cities allowed golf carts to operate on sidewalks and certain low-volume streets. A year later, civic leaders realized that a multiuse trail connecting all the communities would provide a safer way to travel. In addition, the use of non-polluting electric vehicles, bicycles, and walking would create a cleaner environment. We do not see the trail as a conflict between low-speed electric vehicles and bicycles. In fact, it will increase the value of the trail by providing more people the opportunity to get out and enjoy areas that they would never see in a car. Plus the improved air quality will help all citizens. All users will recognize that it is a multi-use trail and the concept of sharing the trail and common courtesy will prevail. Having realized the main mission of CVCTA has been accomplished, the decision was made to ‘morph’ CVCTA into Friends of CV Link. As the trail is developed, we will promote and encourage visitors and local citizens to use the trail and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. We will develop volunteer groups to assist where needed. In addition, “Friends” will develop a donation element to provide individuals and companies an opportunity to contribute to this valuable asset. We hope you will enjoy CV Link as much as we will when it is completed.

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