Friends of the Date Festival


Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival For 60 years, friends and families have made a tradition of attending the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio, California. The camel and ostrich races, the Nightly Musical Pageant and the history of dates are just a few of the fair’s unique features that are tradition to annual fair-goers. With its rich history, over 250,000 guests continue to attend the first county fair of the year. The Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival, managed by the Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA), is a grand, ten-day event which takes place each February. The event meets social, cultural and economic needs of the community with over 8,000 exhibits and a diverse entertainment line-up. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION FUNDING OPPORTUNITY If you have a 501c; we got a $$ opportunity for your non-profit group! Fundraising ticket distribution for NPOs begins on January 3, 2018. Board of Directors: Stan Smith, Randy Young, Don Smith, Lupe Ramos Watson, Jerry Herman, Becky Broughton, Cheryll Dahlin, Nick Nigosian

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