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Let us explain GiveBackMail’s model, and how we are able to donate to charities by providing a free email service. Take your current email provider for example (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail), you may have noticed the advertisements that appear when using your email account. These advertisers pay a fee to the email service provider for running these ads. We follow the same model, but unlike others, we donate 25% of revenue to charity. The formula is simple: Although we are passionate about donating to charity, we also want to provide the best email service available, not just a good one. We have no intention of flooding your page with ads making it frustrating and difficult to manage emails. We have created an email service that is simple to use with cool new features for a better email experience. We know what you’re thinking; you have been using the same email for years and can’t afford to change your address. Well, here’s the best part:

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