Grieving Teens of the Desert


Be a turning point for good or bad. Young people dealing with loss are more likely to use drugs or alcohol to cope with the emotional pain, act out in violence, be depressed, suffer from eating or sleep disorders and have their grades drop. Some act out in anger at home or in society. This year we are expanding our support of GrievingTeens™ through the summer months. Currently we are implementing summer Grief support groups at SHHS, LQHS, and PDHS during the summer school sessions. Grieving students are at high risk if they too have been sexually assaulted, abused or bullied in their past. Students vary and this will be an optional addition for their personal support through difficult times in their lives. We will continue to conduct as needed Grief Camps outside of school as needed. We have had a GrievingTeens™ Grief Camp several times in the past. We want to be able to address the grief issues and prevent or help stop the unraveling of young lives. Lives either grow through grief or begin to unravel with anger, depression, eating and sleep disorders, drug and alcohol use, cutting, probation, and other issues. For the last 20 years GrievingTeens™ has provided grief support to young people in public high schools in the Coachella Valley (Desert Hot Springs High School, Palm Desert High School, La Quinta High School, and Shadow Hills High School). We have also spoken to thousands of students in Health and Psychology classes on Death and Dying. We work with high visibility losses such as deaths due to accidents, or suicide. Our main focus is to coach or help young people with issues of grief. Grief is mainly from losses in their family and close friends. Grief, from losses in young lives, has been documented to affect lives and can be a turning point for good or bad.

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