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When John moved to Indio he learned that the Indio Police Officers Association had never lost an officer, nor did they have anything like a Widows & Orphans Trust. John contacted the President of the POA and the Chief of Police and offered to start a fund to benefit officers killed or injured and for catastrophic needs. The fund would also have a scholarship program for officers and their children. In 2004 we registered our name with the Secretary of State and filed papers with the IRS asking for 501(c)(3) status. John Rose began the charity with a $300.00 donation from his personal account. When John passed away in 2012 we filed an amended Trust with the IRS and State of California to include his name in the Trust. We now honor him by being known as The Indio Police Officers, John Rose Memorial, Widows Emergency and Scholarship Fund. A Board of Trustees was assembled. The current Board consists of: Paul Proulx (Chairman), Rick Diaz (Vice Chairman), Adela Rose (Secretary/Treasurer), Richard Twiss, Chief of Police (Trustee), Betsy Martyn (Trustee), Richard Purcell (Trustee), and Jason Polanco, IPOA President (Trustee). Our Trust documents call for 5 members of the community, the Chief of Police or his designate, and the POA President or his designate, to be on the Board. If you need more information about our Board of Trustees, a short bio for each can be made available to you. Our first fundraising event was a golf tournament, held in September 2004, at the Indian Palms Country Club. The event was dubbed “The 1st Annual Widows & Orphans Golf Tournament”. We held our “11th Annual Widows & Orphans Golf Tournament” on September 26th, at the Heritage Palms Golf Club in Indio. I am happy to say that the Indio Police Department has not lost any officers in the line of duty nor has anyone suffered catastrophic injuries. The Board has been asked several times to assist officers who had an emergency financial hardship. Each request for assistance is evaluated on a case by case basis. Our Scholarship Program began offering scholarships in 2011. Copies of the application form and instructions are available in the office of the Chief of Police. You may also download an application from or by email at In our tri-fold brochure, the Trust’s mission statement is as follows: “This trust is created to devote and apply the trust funds directly and exclusively to the charitable or educational needs of the Indio Police Officers, their dependents, families, and survivors, and the property, assets, profits and net income of this trust are irrevocable dedicated to such purposes.” And lastly, we pay no salaries. All monies donated by members of the Indio Police Officers Association and the public go directly into the Trust Fund. Our only expenditures are printing & mailing and the costs directly associated with the fund raising event (i.e. green fees, food, and gifts). We have a great many small contributors and sponsors. It would be an honor to include you in this elite group. If you’d like to speak with any of our Trustees, feel free to call 760-342-7870 to arrange a time and location. Thank you for your interest in the Indio Police Officers, John Rose Memorial. About our Charity

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