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Integrated Learning Institute (ILI) provides tools for learning that offer hope. The purpose of Integrated Learning Institute is to equip students who have learning problems to become independent learners. Finally, there is an answer… For parents of children who struggle to learn, finding effective intervention can be a challenge. Integrated Learning Institute (ILI) provides tools for learning that offer hope. The purpose of Integrated Learning Institute is to help students develop tools for independent learning in the classroom and in life. The focus of our one-on-one individualized interventions is to address the underlying causes of learning difficulties, rather than simply treating the symptoms as tutoring does. For twenty-eight years Integrated Learning Institute has used the training and methodologies of the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) to strengthen and empower Coachella Valley students. Beginning on the campus of a private school in 1990, Integrated Learning Institute quickly moved into the community at large. In an effort to equip more students the organization became a nonprofit in 2003. Cynthia Moses, founder and current director, states that the joys of longevity include the satisfaction of seeing former students succeed into adulthood. NILD educational therapy is a true therapy in that it aims the intervention just above the student’s current level of functioning and raises expectations for performance, which creates the framework to foster that growth. NILD therapy students become competent, confident learners. They gain mastery over their cognitive vulnerabilities and hone their cognitive strengths for success in the classroom and in life. Through NILD, Integrated Learning Institute educational therapists receive standardized training to develop knowledge and practice standards that align with research-based best-practice methodologies. NILD trained educational therapists are held to a high standard of ethical practice and rigorous re-certification requirements. Using a licensed NILD educational therapist ensures your child is getting the highest quality educational intervention and support and ensures your child is receiving educational therapy proven to be effective. For more information or a free consultation call 1-760-837-0171.

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