Karen Sorbo


A leading benefit auctioneer, Karen Sorbo’s dedication to the cause and consistently impressive results have gained her a reputation as the nation’s benefit auction expert. For over 27 years, she has engaged audiences with her natural effusive energy, commanding yet elegant stage presence and precision techniques. Karen has raised over $700 million dollars conducting over 2,800 auctions since graduating from both the Missouri Auctioneer School and World Wide College of Auctioneering in 1993. Karen achieved national recognition as an auctioneer and spokesperson for important and humanitarian causes. Highly regarded for her knowledge and expertise as a fundraiser Karen has been featured in local and national media. In 2011, she was selected as part of the 2011 “Women of Influence” Speaker Series by Minnesota Monthly Magazine. In January 2012, Karen’s performing, humanitarian efforts and 20 successful years as a leading benefit auctioneer were showcased on Access To Experts TV. Since she first began benefit auction work in 1993, Karen has been an active member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and Multiple State Associations across the country. Karen joined the Women Speakers Associations (WSA) in 2012 as a founding member. She has mentored others and worked diligently to expand the exposure, presence and caliber of benefit auctioneers. She was featured in the WSA April 2012 eNewsletter as one of the “Women You Need To Know.” The article chronicled the development of her drive and passion for benefit auctioneering as well as her stellar history of not only meeting, but also exceeding her clients’ expectations. Karen’s level of experience encompasses successful financial procurement over a wide spectrum of programs including environmental, private and public schools, churches, community projects, and an ever-expanding range of non-profit organizations. Karen offers solid attention to detail and planning, powerful fundraising tools and exemplary service. With Karen, clients can rest assured that their benefit auction event will be passionately and professionally orchestrated by a seasoned expert.

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Contact Name Karen Sorbo - (612) 868-4929 - karen@karensorbo.com