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Christian Shimer is the owner, executive producer, and editor at Legacy Productions where, for over a decade, he has been creating his original Video Case Statement genre for non-profits all over the country. In that time, Christian has developed a creative voice producing mini-documentaries that tell charities’ stories primarily through the voices of their principals and beneficiaries. A case statement is a document which provides the rationale and justification for a fundraising effort. But, you can’t get emotion out of a piece of paper! A VIDEO CASE STATEMENT applies the same presentation order to a video that we currently use in a written case statement. However, because of the nature of video to invoke emotion, the impact is put on steroids! If you reach potential donors emotionally, you'll have great success in your capitol campaign! Our approach is simple; define the need, present the solution, articulate the benefits, call the audience to action. How this is presented is a matter of artistic and intuitive creativity which is where Legacy Productions excels. The organization that best communicates it's mission in the shortest amount of time will have a head start on everyone else vying for those same donor relationships. These videos will help you achieve at least three of the five critical steps of donor development; awareness, participation, and interest, as seen in the graphic below.

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Contact Name Christian Shimer, Owner, Executive Producer and Editor - (760) 814-3055- christian@legacyproducer.com