Crowdfunding for organizations with multiple causes Whether you are a school, a church, a sports club, a charitable organization, or simply someone with multiple fundraising projects, LobbitUp gives you the power of crowdfunding for all of your causes in a few simple clicks. Our founding team hails from diverse corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds and includes an IT specialist, an economist, an engineer, a writer and journalist, a patent practitioner, a scientist, and an accountant. We are all passionate about fundraising and believe that when people work together, anyone can make a difference, one dollar at a time. However, we also felt that the current fundraising platforms, while good, left donors emotionally unconnected to the causes and weren't suitable for organizations with more than one cause. Over many meals and meetings, we asked ourselves what would make fundraising more appealing to us. And the answer was always the same, “Give us a choice where to give, and help organizations raise money where more than one project needs funding. And make it fun.” So we made it our mission to create a platform where multiple causes, fueled by donor passion, compete for funds in a fundraising campaign. And to create a place where people will want to come back and watch the positive impact of their investment, to “lobby” their voice via their donation and see their cause rise up in rank. We hope that, just like us, you will enjoy fundraising and giving with LobbitUp, and that your passion for your causes will make a real difference. So get going, join us, and experience the fun of fundraising the LobbitUp way!

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