Mama's House


Mama’s House provides a home for women in crisis pregnancies, those who want to carry their baby to term, but are without support and vulnerable. At Mama’s House their spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, and vocational needs are addressed. With nurturing support, these moms will be equipped with necessary life skills for competent living whether they choose parenting or adoption. For women in crisis pregnancies there is a place of hope. Your baby’s heart is already beating, in fact it was even before you knew for sure you were pregnant. Let us help you find the courage to carry and give life to your child just as your mother chose life for you. Together we will eliminate the fears and overcome the hurdles that are in your way, whether you choose parenting or adoption.

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Contact Name Jan Lupia, Executive Director (844) 232-8622 -


PO Box 1816
Palm Desert, CA


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