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Martha’s Village & Kitchen is one of the largest providers of homeless services in the Coachella Valley and Riverside County. Martha’s began in 1990 when the founders served meals to their homeless neighbors. Today, from its campus in Indio, CA, Martha’s Village offers unique life-changing programs based on the nationally-recognized “continuum of care model” breaking the cycle of homelessness. Through this gateway to hope, people regain their lives becoming responsible, self-sufficient and productive citizens, while passing on their newfound independence and life skills to their children and families. Changing one person’s life, changes generations of lives. Vision We envision a community where all people have the opportunity to live to their full potential; where everyone has food, housing, healthcare, education and the means to maintain them. Creed Compassion: Concern for others and a desire to assist Respect: An act of giving particular attention or special regard Empathy: Understanding, an awareness of and sensitivity to the feelings of others Empowerment: Helping others to help themselves Dignity: Counting all people worthy of our esteem

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83791 Date Avenue
Indio, CA


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