Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization


he Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization (OLPNO) was formed in 2005 and is a recognized neighborhood organization of the City of Palm Springs (Ordinance No. 1666). Download the Bylaws » [Revised May, 2010]. The purpose of the organization is to enhance the quality of life in Old Las Palmas by maintaining regular and relevant communications with the neighborhood’s residents regarding actions and programs of the City of Palm Springs and other governmental entities to enable the resident to be better informed about their community. The Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization also undertakes the development and implementation of projects that improve the beauty and safety of the neighborhood for the benefit of all residents. In addition to regular communication, we meet twice each year at the O’Donnell Golf Club for an OLPNO update and socialization. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and meet others who have chosen to live in Old Las Palmas. If you are not yet a member, or haven't yet renewed your membership this year, please visit the "Join Us" page for details or download a Membership Form using the link below. As a member, we also hope you will be an ambassador for the organization. Talk to your neighbors and encourage them to join OLPNO and get involved. As well as the Advisory committee we have Standing Sub Committees. Please join one of these Sub-Committees to help further the goals of the Old Las Palms Neighborhood Organization. Read more about them on the "Neighborhood Committees" page.

Additional Information

Contact Name Douglas Donenfeld / Jeff Kors - (760) 841-4538 - info@oldlaspalmas.org