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Sarah Nelsen Designs is a boutique design studio with a focus on custom print and web designs, creative problem solving, and collaborative projects. SARAH NELSEN, owner, Sarah Nelsen Designs, LLC, aims to share her love for design and the arts through her work and visual communications for a variety of clients. Nelsen’s designs have earned award-winning status (see listing below), and her goal is to exceed your expectations. With over 12 years of experience (read testimonials), she has worked on a multitude of projects and with a diverse group of companies and individuals. She has designed everything from logos and magazines to wedding invitations and websites (view portfolio). Nelsen has worked with fine art galleries, museums, community groups, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, private companies, fine artists, restaurants, musicians, private clients, and more. Her love for fine art and handmade graphics is strengthened with an overall sense of design, typography, and visual organization. Creating custom invitation packages, paper selection, and printing techniques are some of her specialty services with clients ranging from museums to interior designers. She embraces the power of photography and sometimes uses original architectural, portrait, event, and project-specific photographs in her designs. In addition to today’s digital technologies, the value of non-digital media is also important to her and she continues to practice oil and watercolor painting.

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