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Sinclair, Townes & Company is an Atlanta fund raising consulting firm that provides comprehensive counsel for capital campaigns, endowment campaigns, planned giving programs, major giving programs, annual funds, and more. Founded in 1980, Sinclair, Townes & Company consults with arts and cultural organizations; churches and faith-based organizations; colleges and universities; fraternities and sororities; healthcare, hospitals, and medical centers; human service organizations; independent schools; membership and other non-profit institutions and organizations. Capital and endowment campaigns on which the firm consults range in size from $1 million to more than $2 billion. We would like to extend our thanks to our current and past clients for 35 years of successful fund raising consulting. Our Mission We are a firm of professionals whose goal is to provide excellent fund raising consulting services to our clients for fair and reasonable compensation. We seek to earn and maintain the respect of our clients, our colleagues and the fund raising community, as well as enhance self-respect by providing outstanding professional services to our clients. Our goal is to be the best fund raising consulting firm possible, not necessarily the biggest or most profitable. In all matters, we shall undertake to consult with each of our clients as we would want to be consulted. We consult as a firm, not as individuals. As fund raising consultants, each of us commits to excel in our individual areas of expertise and provide our clients the full benefit of our knowledge, ability, and effort. We recognize that our continued success requires a firm investment in human and technical resources. We commit to the investment of time, energy. and money as an integral part of our consulting practice so that the quality of our organization can be continually improved. We strive to enable all of our employees to grow to their highest potential while rewarding their personal efforts and contributions. We shall provide a quality working environment for our employees and accord them the recognition which they deserve. We recognize our obligations to our families and to the community in which we live and work. We support professional and civic activities and encourage our members to participate in them. We view our ultimate objective as the rendering of service. We recognize our accountability to each other and mutual responsibility for the implementation of this mission statement.

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