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We'll give your school, church, or charity a FREE Balloon Ride Ticket, good for 12 months at our 200 locations nationwide. No strings, no risk, guaranteed! In the 2014 fundraising season, FundraisingRides helped 1,545 non-profit organizations by providing hot air balloon rides for use in their live and silent auction fundraising events. We donated one hot air balloon ride to every non-profit that used our offer. In total, our hot air balloon rides raised nearly $800,000 for non-profits across the country. This year, we want to double those results! Your Live Auction or Silent Auction Will Soar to New Heights with Our Fantastic Hot Air Balloon Rides! 34 Years in Business, Over a Decade Helping More Than 20,000 Non-profit Organizations! More than 30 years ago, we started Soaring Adventures of America, Inc.—now the largest hot air balloon ride company in the United States. Ten years ago, we created FundraisingRides—a division of our family business dedicated to helping non-profits raise funds. Our mission is to: Create offers that guarantee profitability Provide friendly & helpful service—always! Make our offers turnkey & easy to use We hope you like what we offer, and we have the opportunity to help your non-profit this year! Simply set up our Silent Auction Kit at your silent auction and watch the bidding go wild. It will be the hit of your event. Over 10,000 Non-Profits have raised millions of dollars! Hot Air Balloon Posters, the list of our 200 Locations Nationwide where your bidders can take their ride, an order form for your Free Ticket, and everything you need for your Silent Auction is included in the kit. You can print the kit right now, from this website! Or if you would prefer to have us put a kit in the mail to you, you can contact us two ways. • Fill out our simple online form, or • Call and request one from our friendly representatives at 1 (800) 762-7464. Have a great event! And, good luck with the bidding on all your items!

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