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Strengthening Voices. Inspiring Possibility. Welcome to SongShine. Innovative, original, and profound, SongShine is a music and creative imagination based immersive, holistic program that strengthens voices. Whether you (or someone you know) have a diminished voice due to Parkinson’s, stroke, another neurological disease, or aging, our program harnesses the power of brain, breath, and emotion to transcend limitations and help people thrive. SongShine’s program reclaims voices and transforms lives. Inspiring? Absolutely. A Program That’s Both Heart and Science. SongShine is designed around the leading edge science of neuroplasticity – the human brain’s ability to reorganize itself and change. By stimulating alternative brain pathways, singing and music fortify the voice and facilitate speech recovery. The brain’s ability to rewire is miraculous, which is why SongShine is so powerful. Think of it as heart and science. Because speech is the cornerstone of communication, SongShine is committed to improving the lives of people with neurologically-compromised speech. We train instructors using singing, speech, and creative imagination to strengthen voices. Whether you are a prospective instructor, have Parkinson's disease, stroke, other neurological disorders, or simply have an aging voice, we WELCOME you. Sponsored by: Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation

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Contact Name Dr. Ruthanna Metzgar - (425) 210-3612 -


73450 Country Club Drive Suite 302
Palm Desert, CA


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