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The auctioneers at Strategic Fundraising Solutions come to life when they are behind the microphone using their talents on stage as Auctioneers to raise money for nonprofits and schools. From hosting as Master of Ceremonies to conducting your live auction and executing a flawless “paddle raise” special appeal, our team’s experience and expertise can increase your fundraising income by 30 percent or more. Fundraising Advisor – How it Works When you bring Darren on board as your Fundraising Advisor, you get a professional who can fill much of the role of a Development Officer—but at a fraction of the cost and without the turnover nightmares. Darren brings an outsider’s point of view and collaborative approach to nonprofit organizations throughout Southern California, helping them identify and understand their problems and then find the solutions to move forward. Darren… Cultivates donor relationships – Donor development is always Darren’s primary focus. He attends your events, meets with donors (taking Board members with him), builds relationships, and provides the necessary follow-through to find ways for donors and sponsors to support your organization. Teaches your team about fundraising – Darren works with everyone from the Executive Director to your Board and Committee members to develop a “fundraising mindset” across the entire team. This includes helping people get comfortable asking others for money, inspiring Board members to think outside of themselves, and changing how everyone views your volunteers. Eventology - The Science Behind Fundraising By Strategic Fundraising Advisors How to make an additional 30 to 50% more at your next fundraiser Fact & Figures Foment Fatigue Steve Jobs once said something profoundly applicable to the world of fundraising, “Deciding What Not To Do Is As Important As Deciding What To Do.” As fundraisers, our minds are flooded with compelling reasons why our mission is so critical, and why people should contribute. Facts and figures foment fatigue, so be careful about how much you throw at people during a fundraiser. Less is more, however you need to make sure that “less” is spot on. Make sure it tugs the heartstring. How to Tug the Heartstring One true tug of a heartstring will determine the success or failure of your fundraiser. It’s that simple. Here’s how to get it right. Instead of shouting about the unfairness and injustice at the root of your cause, and spewing a litany of stats and reasons why something has to be done; tell a small story – a tiny tale about an individual: Jane Doe and her struggles, her dreams, her battles, her ambitions, her obstacles and lastly - her triumphs. Make it a triumphant tale of highs and lows - a roller coaster quest featuring a real person, with a real face and a real name. Bring everything back to Jane. Make her the face of your campaign and the inspiration for your fundraiser. This is an exercise in story telling. Take time to polish the story. Make it concise, pertinent, dramatic and heart-wrenching. If you don’t warm the heart, you won’t loosen the purse strings. The purse strings are connected to the heartstrings Just because you have a good story doesn’t mean you’re a good storyteller. Work on your story telling skills. Look at the masters and emulate them. Paul Harvey was a master storyteller, and even if you don’t have his golden voice, you can make people hang onto your every word just by learning how to use the dramatic pause, the way Harvey did. It’s not rocket science – just a technique that you can easily use yourself. Practice it… (p a u s e) now! Watch a few Paul Harvey videos online and make special note of often he paused to let the listener hang in thin air… and then deliver. Other thoughts we may be able to cover proving it does not look to crowded. (Less is more) A successful fundraiser is an emotional outpouring of love, empathy and giving, born out of inspired vision and a deep desire to help, fueled by excitement and entertainment, and brought to life by the tireless efforts of volunteers and visionaries with a fire in their belly. Making people feel great inspires them to do great things Make people feel your mission – not read about it. Strategic Fundraising Advisors will actually guarantee performance results with your next fundraising event / Gala or golf tournament.

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