Street Life Project


Our mission is to provide hope to the hopeless, and inspire life change. We want the homeless to know that they are loved and have value. That no matter what hardship they are going through, life can get better. We want to be the support system they can count on through this difficult time by providing the help they will need to transform their lives. A life filled with hope & guided by faith. The Street Life Project was a vision that was conceived seven years ago by Christian Jelmberg. It was a vision that was so large it almost seemed impossible. In the last few years that vision has been put into action and everything is falling into place. It's like God is orchestrating this entire movement, but he was just waiting for us to take the stage. Everything you see within this website, including the video documentaries, was in the vision. Therefore, we give him all the credit and proudly say this is His ministry. Our goal is to connect ministries and outreaches across this country with everyone working together under God's umbrella.

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Contact Name Christian Jelmberg, President/Founder - (760) 702-4944 -


39575 Washington Street Suite # 105
Palm Desert, CA


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