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Values matter! Leadership matters! Tangicloud’s mission is to deliver high quality, innovative and highly functional cloud-based software to nonprofits and governments. We are committed to serving you and your organization with the best software possible at a cost-effective price. However words in mission statements are cheap. What made our founders successful before was an unswerving commitment to customer service and product quality. So here are some of our values which make a difference in the lives of our customers when they use our software: We do not tolerate software defects. Software does not make mistakes, programmers do. We will do everything possible to fix defects within a day or give you a good explanation for why waiting makes more sense for you. We do what’s right, not what’s easy. As product designers and developers, we challenge ourselves to design what makes sense for the user, not what makes sense for us to program. This means focusing on the user interaction with the software and eliminating steps which make no sense. Work each day until the job is done. We do have working hours and we do value the personal lives of our employees. However, there will always be someone watching our support emails and voice mails. We will stay up as much as possible so our customers can sleep better. More importantly, we will build software which eliminates the need for lots of support calls. This is possible because our CEO is going to be personally involved in every facet of our business. Unlike many competitors, our CEO understands nonprofit and governmental accounting, is the designer and chief architect of our products, AND will be involved in resolving every critical customer support issue that you may raise. Moreover, every employee at Tangicloud is expected to adhere to these values.

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Contact Name Liesa Malik, Partner - info@tangicloud.com


6732 W. Coalmine Avenue, Suite 400
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