The Coachella Valley Community Research Initiative, Inc.


The Coachella Valley Community Research Initiative is a 501(c)(3) coporation, community-based, community-supported coalition of healthcare providers, people living with HIV, their advocates, their families and friends. The overarching objective of CVCRI is to enable long-term survivors to live well despite chronic HIV infection. CVCRI’s first objective is to realize our research team’s vision of Project GRACIE. This long-term longitudinal cohort will support a range of research objectives. The data that GRACIE will collect and disseminate will be useful for many types of short-term studies including clinical studies, observational, and cross-sectional studies. The goal of Project GRACIE is to design, and implement through participating community health care providers, in partnership with the HIV community, a comprehensive approach to studying and monitoring HIV and aging as a means to erase the quality of life differences between aging with and without HIV. Because HIV treatment continues to evolve, this project will take a long-term sustained effort.

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