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Getting People to Where They Are Going in Their Lives Our drivers and staff are very friendly and observant. We often notice or are asked about filling another need of a member such as getting braille books, learning new skills or getting help with a home repair. While we can't help with those things directly, we are committed to helping each member find the service or assistance that they need. We maintain very good relationships with other non-profits and stay abreast of new or changing government services. Our members call to make reservations 1-7 days in advance. Our drivers meet everyone at their front door and offer an arm for balance or to push a wheelchair. At the destination, the drivers offer to walk in with the member. The driver also gives the person a business card with the driver's cell phone number. Only when the member is safely inside of his/her destination, will the driver go serve other members. When the first person is ready to go home, they simply call the driver and the driver is usually able to return within 15-20 minutes. If the member has packages or groceries, all drivers will gladly help load, carry or unload them. Members can make reservations to any destination within our service area: doctors, grocery stores, hair salons, employment, even a friend's house. All rides are free. A suggested donation of $5 one way is happily accepted, but certainly not required. Transportation is available M-F, 8 am to 4 pm.

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Contact Name Thomas Samulski, Executive Director (760) 778-8552 -


471 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way Suite 218
Palm Springs, CA


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  • ​Getting People to Where They Are Going in Their Lives