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We partner with charities of all sizes to engage supporters in things they are doing every day like shopping online, searing the internet, purchasing gift cards, and making donations. Our fundraising ecosystem of branded websites, marketing materials and reporting features provide charities the tools needed to exceed their goal.

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  • Why Choose The Fundraising Portal
  • Tap into the money your supporters are leaving on the table every day. With your own Fundraising Portal, you will earn more $$$$ for your cause faster. Now with our innovative fundraising programs, exceeding your goal is in reach:
  • Shop Online
  • Earn anywhere from 10¢ to 10% by shopping at thousands of participating merchants. Just Shop and Earn. . . it’s that easy!
  • Buy Gift Cards
  • Purchase gift cards at over 100 merchants and support your cause. Have your supporters' purchases work for you.
  • Accept Donations
  • Earn funds now through direct donations from your family, friends and supporters.
  • Search the Internet
  • Support your cause by searching the Internet. Earn up to 3¢ per search. . . No Kidding!
  • Raise Money With Our Fundraising App
  • Our Fundraising App means your cause benefits every time you shop. Just download the app onto your desktop and start raising money.
  • Shop at your Favorite Stores