Museum of Pinball


The Museum of Pinball is a nonprofit organization committed to the preservation of pinball, video arcades, and other playable art forms. We utilize a hands-on immersive program and events devoted to the celebration of the past and present of gaming culture to develop, nurture and secure a growing interest in the future of gaming, art and it’s culture. Located a little over an hour from Los Angeles and Orange County and 20 minutes from Palm Springs, California, the Museum of Pinball is a non-profit organization with a campus that includes… 18 acres just a few miles from the Morongo Casino & Resort and Cabazon Outlets with thousands of visitors and tourists flooding the area each day. 40,000 square feet designated for the first phase of the Museum of Pinball and another 87,000 square feet we’ve already leased to a local business (which we hope to expand to in the future with more pinball and arcade games). 800 pinball machines and arcade games (both vintage and modern). 5 acres of mature trees where we plan to develop a retro trailer hotel with 20 refurbished, vintage recreational vehicles – each decorated uniquely. (This is part of the 2nd phase of our plan.) Why a Museum of Pinball? Pinball is experiencing a massive comeback. We want young people to experience the excitement of an electronic game that doesn’t just appear on a screen. We want people who grew up playing pinball to rediscover their passion for the game…or what we like to call a “sport.” We want to help bring competitive pinball tournaments into the spotlight. We want to preserve the amazing history of the game. Ultimately, we just want more people to fall in love with pinball.

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