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he Nonprofit Academy® is designed to help you skyrocket your organization's success. You get the training and resources you need, and access to them when you need them. At least once a month, you'll be on the phone with me for a group coaching, question & answer calls. These are short, to-the-point, and geared to helping answer the questions you bring. You'll also be invited to a new training webinar each month with a national or international expert. They'll cover fundraising, marketing, and leadership topics designed to grow your organization. What Would It Be Worth To You? To have a community of people to share ideas with and receive encouragement from? To have reasoned and researched answers to the fundraising questions your board and boss are asking? To feel focused and productive - rather than tired and overwhelmed? To have tools to get your board members eager to help? To know that you are truly making a difference in people's lives - including your donors? To not have to be alone?

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Contact Name Marc Pitman, CFCC


2435 East North Street # 1108-171
Greenville, SC


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  • * Instant access to 60+ trainings, tools and templates in the Online Vault
  • * New Tranings Every Month
  • * Monthly Coaching calls and
  • * 24/7 access to other NPA members in the Members-Only Forum