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The Ophelia Project, a program of John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation since 1998, is a comprehensive five year mentoring program serving up to 750 girls annually in 8th through 12th grade, in all three School Districts in Coachella Valley. Since 2014 our local program has been the National Headquarters of Ophelia Project. Unlike other mentoring programs held after school and on weekends, the Ophelia model consists of team mentoring that takes place in the schools during the school day at the invitation of the school districts. The goals of the Ophelia Project are all Ophelia girls will: focus on educational and career goal setting; graduate from high school; pursue higher education, college or trade school. The Ophelia program model combines customized certification of mentors in conjunction with classroom curriculum designed to support each school district’s goals and philosophies. All program volunteers (mentors) are required to complete the comprehensive training to become certified in the national Ophelia model. We utilize some 200 volunteers from across our valley communities to serve as certified mentors or to serve as guest speakers. The Ophelia session curriculum is designed to encourage: high school completion, college and career tutoring; goal setting; art projects designed to engage students and enhance scholastic achievement; healthy relationships; building self-confidence; teen obesity awareness; delaying having children; bullying prevention; substance abuse prevention; trafficking prevention; self-defense skills; financial planning; importance of community service; business etiquette, and the program provides opportunities for academic scholarships. By participating in planned activities with these volunteer mentor “role models”, teens are assisted with setting goals for their future and are guided away from at-risk behaviors and environments. Our objective is to encourage young girls to acquire the skills necessary to make their dreams a reality. The 2018/19 school year will celebrate Ophelia Project’s 21st year in Coachella Valley! We started in one school with 5 girls and 3 mentors. Today we have grown to providing 16 programs at 14 school sites serving up to 750 girls each year, with a volunteer force of 200 trained and certified mentors and professional community partners. Over these 20 years, 4,900 girls have gone through the Ophelia Project program. The Ophelia Project has an amazing 100% graduation success rate! If you are interested in getting involved with Ophelia Project, please contact our offices. We are always recruiting new mentors, guest speakers, and committee volunteers. Recruiting Mentors! A team mentoring program in schools across the valley holding orientations for women interested in becoming volunteer mentors serving 8th – 12th grade girls. For more information contact: Terri Triviso, Program Director (760) 776-1600 ext 109

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