The Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


The core mission and commitment to our philosophy requires the ability to work with people, and the desire to learn and grow. We are, first and foremost, nuns … gay nuns. We serve our community with faith and without judgment. We seek to uplift each person’s spirit. We even take vows; usually vows of iniquity. Men and women from across the spectrum of the LGBT community join together, first as a Mission and then as independent houses of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to celebrate our gay identity in the unique manner in which we minister to the community. The decision to become a Sister is a fantastic journey, and the efforts made come back again and again as a reward for the soul. By manifesting as a Sister, a Brother or as a guard, we receive as much as, or even more than, we give. We often discover parts of ourselves that we did not know existed, or perhaps never recognized. We allow the world to see that we are people and we are here. We will not be ignored. The calling to be a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence allows one to know themselves better and find an outlet to express behavior and emotions that were shut down for fear of being different or criticized; for fear for our safety and our lives because of being different from … the norm.

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