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Mission Statement The PlumpJack Foundation was created on the belief that by making a meaningful, permanent impact on the lives of individuals, we serve society as a whole. Building on our organization’s commitment to improve the communities we serve, the PlumpJack Foundation collaborates with trusted Bay Area partners to foster hope and enact positive change. Our mission is inspired by the personal history of PlumpJack’s President, Hilary Newsom, as well as the PlumpJack Group’s dedication to community development, particularly with regard to stopping the cycle of poverty by educating and empowering youth. Both in our philanthropic pursuits and in our company’s history of community service, we are dedicated to two primary areas of focus: 1. Cancer Prevention, Education & Support Promoting opportunities for individuals to be empowered in protecting themselves against cancer; educating at-risk communities about cancer treatment and prevention; supporting organizations working to eliminate cancer through research and treatment; acting as an agent of hope for cancer patients and their families as they move through the treatment and healing process. 2. Preventing the Cycle of childhood poverty Supporting early childhood education; stopping the cycle of abuse; educating and empowering youth mentors; providing childcare, counseling, nutrition, and advocacy for children in at-risk communities. As we work towards our goals, we hold fast to these key values: The Individual is the Gateway to Greater Good. We are motivated by the transformative potential of a single, beautiful act. In keeping with our company values, we maintain an unwavering commitment to service, and we encourage every one of our employees to participate in the philanthropic process. A Lifetime of Giving By immersing ourselves in the community, we build trust and establish an enduring legacy of giving. In order to have the greatest and most lasting impact, we create long-term, two-way partnerships in the service of our mission and values. Fiscal Responsibility & Integrity We are committed to keeping our administrative costs low and directing a maximum amount of resources towards the advancement of our causes. We promise fiscal transparency.

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Contact Name Camilla Cotchetta, Executive Assistant


3138 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA


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