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The Transgender Health and Wellness Center mission is to be a preeminent provider of services for the transgender diverse community and its allies. Our vision is a safe, prosperous, and healthy community for the transgender diverse individuals and their allies. We provide over 42 different services, which include but are not limited to: Job interview clothing, resume building, people and pet food, hygiene items, emergency clothing, free mental health, electrolysis and laser hair removal for transgender people and those with hirsutism, name and gender change, business and government transgender competency training, linkage to healthcare and housing, peer support groups and much more. We provide a wide variety of wrap around social services to address the barriers that LGBTQ+ people face that prevent them from having successful lives. We provide peer support groups and much more. We are known for building bridges across intersectionality’s that obstruct those from economic opportunity and authentic living. Our goal is to ensure that those that have historically faced abuse and oppression have the tools they need to succeed and become not only productive members of society but also the best versions of themselves. Our LGBTQ+ youth population has significantly grown. We work with their families so these LGBTQ+ children have the family support teams that they need to reach their highest potential. In doing so, we reduce youth homelessness, human trafficking, HIV transmission, self-harm and suicide, substance abuse and much more. This program is called Healthy Rainbows. We have hundreds of requests each year in which we help elevate them into a position that gives them opportunity to succeed with hard work and dedication. The Transgender Health and Wellness Center does not limit itself just to transgender people. There is an estimated 27,000 transgender people in the Inland Empire and over 2,200 in the Coachella Valley. Transgender people remain one of the most impacted marginalized community everywhere. Transgender people remain double the unemployment rate. They have one of the highest HIV and murder rates, sexual abuse, housing and healthcare discrimination, and school bullying in this nation. Our goal as a trans led organization is to ensure we address these issues so that they can have productive, happy and healthy lives. We have chosen not to be a top-heavy organization so to ensure that those that contribute know that their contribution reaches those in need. Your generous contribution to become a butterfly will ensure that those less fortunate have opportunity to succeed during these difficult times. It will help our youth reach their highest potential and their families to not only understand their child but help their LGBTQ+ children reach their highest potential. Please feel free to contact us for a tour of our facility or to volunteer at (760) 202-4308 or Transgender Health and Wellness Center 35-325 Date Palm Drive, Suite 143 Cathedral City, Ca. 92234 501(c)(3), No.: 82-4659164

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35-325 Date Palm Drive Suite 143
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