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Mission Statement UCN is committed to impacting youth in junior high school to lead productive and balanced lifestyles. A broad range of programs, spanning from providing sessions designed to help youth to connect with each other with the aim of youth involvement in their community. Programs Include: Programs are aimed to educate peers on responsible living and balance, including the consequences of drinking, drug use and other risky behaviors that are harmful to youth well-being. We would like to help ensure that all students at affected schools are able to read, write, and perform other basic academic skills at their grade level. If a student is very much behind, we intend to provide a direct one-on-one relationship with an older student. When the students have completed their homework, we will provide recreational activities, art classes, ballet, drama, or other relatively inexpensive activities to which they would likely not otherwise have access. For the students who participate as tutors, we hope to develop a sense of community involvement at an early age, and encourage longer term socially responsible behavior. There are too many high school students who are behind in their academic studies and are at high risk for dropping out of school entirely. We believe that many unhealthy behaviors - teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, a lack of deference to the law - occur at least in part due to the academic challenges these students are facing. We hope that by reducing the academic difficulties of these students at an early age, we can reduce the number of teenagers later engaging in unhealthy activities.

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Contact Name Anna Nevenic - (760) 321-4111 - annaactnow@yahoo.com


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