New Donor Acquisition for Nonprofits Nothing challenges fundraisers more than the search for new donors. In order for a nonprofit to be successful its donor file must constantly be renewed with fresh new-to-file donors. Even a well-run nonprofit, one that treats its donors with respect and diligently pursues its mission, will lose 20 percent or more of its active donors each year. Without successful new donor acquisition efforts the size of a donor file would shrink to near zero within five years. Wiland provides several services that help fundraisers manage their greatest fundraising challenge: cost-effectively acquiring enough new donors to sustain and grow the organization. Since the early 1970s Wiland companies have specialized in answering the needs of nonprofit groups and helping them acquire new donors. No other company can match the depth and breadth of Wiland's capabilities or its unique dedication to identifying good donor prospects. Technological innovation, massive data resources and excellent analytics capabilities enable Wiland to identify prospect audiences that not only respond to acquisition efforts but also become loyal long-term donors. Whether the objective is to maintain your current donor file by replacing donors lost to attrition, or to increase the organization's revenue by increasing the size of the donor file, Wiland stands ready to help deliver proven, cost effective services to keep costs down and response rates up.

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